Save Money When You Drive


If you have a car, you are only too aware of gas prices, not to mention the expense of vehicle maintenance and repairs. The costs involved in driving a car can seriously dent your spending budget – if you let it. But the good news is there are plenty of ways to cut those costs, so start now with these simple strategies courtesy of IKO Car Wash.



Drive more slowly


Cut your speed to cut your car’s gas consumption. Your journeys may take a little longer, but with some good music or podcasts to enjoy, you’ll hardly notice the extra time. All you’ll hopefully notice is the pleasing look of the fuel gauge at the end of each trip.  By driving more slowly, you’ll also save the risk of speeding fines. In addition, you’ll reduce the likelihood of dangerous and costly accidents.


Drive carefully


Your vehicle deserves your respect. Treat it well and it will serve you likewise. Drive gently over bumps and around corners to save wear the tires, clutch, brakes and other parts. Similarly, drive slowly and in lower gears when going up and down steep hills.



Take car-friendly routes


If you have a choice of routes, take the one that requires the least fuel and be the least arduous for your car. That might mean taking a circuitous route to avoid steep hills or a busy, congested city. Stopping and starting in a traffic jam can use up more gas than cruising at speed on a highway. You can cut consumption further by avoiding peak rush hour times.


Plan your daily trips


If you’re planning two trips for different purposes, think whether you can combine them into one, reducing overall mileage. If you’re heading to the superstore before making another trip to see a friend for instance, consider if you could get the goods on the way to your friend’s place, shopping at a different store if need be. Consider, too, if you need to make a trip at all. You’ll be surprised how often you can avoid a car journey with a little extra planning.


Give lifts and share costs


If you know someone who is making the same journey as you, offer them a lift and share the costs of the trip. These might include the cost of parking as well as gas.  Keep in mind, if your passenger is large or has heavy luggage, the extra weight will put a strain on your car and require higher revs than usual, so the arrangement might not be suitable for savings. Again, if they need you to make a detour, that would not be cost-effective. Always take into account what’s involved before committing yourself to a lift.


Choose an economical car


If you have more than one vehicle, use the more economical one whenever feasible. If you’re taking the family on vacation, you’ll need the bigger car, but if you’re nipping through town to the office or movie theater, the smaller car should serve your needs and require less fuel. A small car is also easier to park, saving you from driving in search of a space or, perhaps, paying for a ticketed space.



By keeping costs to a minimum, you can enjoy longer drives without worrying about the expense. As for short drives – you could walk or cycle instead, and spend no money at all! Happy and safe driving from your friends at IKO Car Wash.




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